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SMEs and the patent challenge - A special issue of Les Nouvelles
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Rebalance patent economy
There is growing evidence that the existing patent system is no longer fit for purpose. A real patent market is required to overcome the current situation, where infringement and litigation are most o
IAM 64 rebalance patent economy .pdf
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1 IP economy presentation oct 2013. pptx[...]
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2 IP economy presentation oct 2013 PART [...]
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les expériences de marché des brevets.pd[...]
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Exploring the new dimension of China invention economy
Patent in China Les Nouvelles.pdf
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La Chine va-t'elle dominer la propriété [...]
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Asia drives the transformation of global patent economy, IAM, July 2013
Asia drives transformation of patent eco[...]
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Asia patent funds, IAM, July 2012
Asia patent funds IAM, July 2012.pdf
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A new look on intellectual property and innovation in Africa
article Africa Les Nouvelles P Terroir 2[...]
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